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  • casadepacas Post author

    Good morning and thank you María José and Manuel for your comments
    It is a pleasure to know that the house has met your expectations and you have been comfortable.
    Except for the scare Shasa gave the Duck, everyone had a good time, hehehe.

    A greeting and until forever.
    Merry Christmas!!


    A weekend of disconnection. The house is super nice and clean, authentic. Had everything you need. Very comfortable bed and pillows. The fireplace a joy. Luxury Jacuzi. Ramon close and endearing person. All perfect.!!!

  • Pablo Velasco

    Lovely experience
    The comfort of home and the relaxation of the place, apart from being a super cozy house and the treatment of Ramón super close and attentive. The house has everything you need for both cleaning and cooking. It has a huge patio where you can sit and enjoy the barbecue area. Inside the farm is separated by private areas(Houses, around the houses) and common areas where the paddle tennis court is, a mini golf course, a soccer and basketball court. In short, it has been a great experience and my partner and I will surely return!

  • casadepacas Post author

    Gracias Francisco.
    I guess it took the girls a little bit to forget those times they played with kittens and chicks.
    A pleasure Francisco, greetings and goodbye.

  • Francisco

    Hello we have been 4 days of luxury in a spectacular place with the girls and we will return for sure .
    The unbeatable treatment simply very well

  • casadepacas Post author

    Thanks to you Esmeralda and Sergio.
    It has been a pleasure to meet you and remember for future occasions and trips as a couple or with your friends of the possibility of staying in a Windmill (future project).

  • Esmeralda Barco Serrano

    Fantastic farm to spend a few quiet days and disconnect, We have been staying at Casa Sancho and it is great and with as much detail as possible,Highly recommended! Thanks for everything and we will be back!

  • casadepacas Post author

    Luis family, Thanks for the comment.
    As I told you personally, There should be a place where the owners of the Rural Houses could also comment on how the clients who visit them are, I can ONLY use this medium.
    Thanks for being who you are, Thanks for being so respectful, careful, clean and responsible.
    It was a pleasure meeting you.
    Paquita and Ramon

  • casadepacas Post author

    Juan's family, Thanks for the comment.
    As I told you personally, There should be a place where the owners of the Rural Houses could also comment on how the clients who visit them are, I can ONLY use this medium.
    Thanks for being who you are, Thanks for being so respectful, careful, clean and responsible.
    It was a pleasure meeting you.
    Paquita and Ramon

  • Luis

    Hello Paqui and Ramón, I have been in your farm with my family from 20-7-2020 to the 26-7-2020 and we have had a great time thanks to you for taking care of us very well thank you very much Luis and family

  • Juan Manuel Montoya Garcia

    We have been family, 7 adults 5 children, since 20 to the 26 July and it has been a wonderful experience.
    Ramon and Paqui, the owners, They are very friendly and helpful.
    Very clean and cared for down to the smallest detail.
    Crowd of distractions and services.
    Highly recommended. Repetiremos.

  • Pe Martin

    Pe Martin (03/07/20)

    We have been very comfortable in this house, she is pretty,it has all the details and above all it is very clean, what is valued even more in these times, Ramón very friendly at all times

  • Paco

    Spectacular!!!!….farm is detailed. It has everything you might need. Paqui and Ramon have always been aware of what we need. Children and adults what we have spent big. We will definitely repeat!!!!! Thank you very much for everything.

  • Ernesto Post author

    As we told you we had a very special weekend, it is difficult to match and we're friends from the cole and egb so it was really nice to be all together. Much of the success was so good that you have organized and equipped house. Congratulations, really.

  • Guy Palette

    A big thank you for this stay; Home, advice, aides, beautiful house and very well arranged. Another big thank you. We keep excellent memories of this place.

    August 2019

  • casadepacas Post author

    Thank you very much for the comments Leticia.
    You're a great group and a great that cociner @, somehow I have to find out the recipe lamb stew I've ever had an equal, riquiiiisima!!

  • Leticia Gómez Post author

    Ideal to go with or without children. Sports and enjoy great barbecues by the pool. Go walking or running. Owners very friendly and outstanding at all times we needed. Let's go, to repeat.

  • Hector Marquez

    We reserve the weekend for my entire family wedding after nu had a good time all amenities and very clean all super friendly owner recommend

  • Luis Post author

    Luis Spain
    10 – Booking.com
    Written in 5 May 2019 through Booking.com
    • Cleaning has nothing to envy a hotel 5 stars, would even, Some hotels could learn from what is unsullied Casa de Pacas. The house is super-equipped, we go, better than my kitchen would. The decor and architecture of the house is fantastic, super cozy and tastefully decorated in the details. The facilities are so good that you do not feel like going out to know the area….my son kept going paddle tennis football or basketball or to see the chickens. Ramon will advise of the area and the people, super attentive to what you need.
    • Absolutely nothing, accommodation 10.

  • Jesus Post author

    10 – Booking.com
    Jesus Spain
    Written in 5 May 2019
    Bed Sancho
    • All. It is an excellent place to go especially with children. It has everything. Surely we repeat
    • Nothing. Everything was great
    Stayed in May 2019

  • Beatriz

    The perfect place for a company convection!!!!
    Plenty of room for meetings, light, comfortable chairs.
    Ideal distribution of rooms; cleanliness and comfort.
    It has several areas for indoor and outdoor barbecue.
    Activities for everyone: paddle, minigolf, football…
    And the owners truly wonderful! They help in everything you need, anytime.
    thanks Ramon, thanks Paqui!!!!

  • Ivan

    The houses are wonderful, both cleanliness and comfort, and facilities a past (pool, paddle, Basketball, mini-golf, Games for children), apart as you can close the farm children and in my case a dog, They run without fear of getting lost.
    The care provided by ramon 10, is to make your stay as pleasant to taste.

  • casadepacas Post author

    thanks Elena!!
    It has been a pleasure meet you, It's a big satisfaction you feel when you see that your goals are met.
    Ahh, I forgot, chickens Say Thank You due to the fantastic rice left over you, they say it was delicious 🙂
    Regards to all.


    We had a very pleasant stay. The house is gorgeous, well equipped, super clean and very spacious. From the beginning the owners have given us everything and have been very attentive. It is an ideal property to go with children as it has many facilities for activities with them, from a football field, mini golf, paddle, table tennis, football…etc.. The experience has been very positive for both children and adults, We have had a great. Highly recommended. Surely we repeat!!!

  • casadepacas Post author

    Just thank you very much for your comments.
    For me it has been a real pleasure to meet a family like yours, This paper offers among other things those great pleasures.
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the roast suckling pig and we can recommend the service of meals at home in the Villa.
    A big hug and forever family!!

  • Beatriz - Fair

    exceptional house. Perfect housing arrangement imitating a typical Manchego house with rooms around a unique arcaded courtyard. Ideal for a gathering of several families / friends. Emphasizes cleanliness and order. Large outdoor spaces. We felt very comfortable. Ramón, owner, It is extremely friendly and is accessible at all times. Bolaños people is very nice. The location of the house is fantastic, just 3 Almagro kms, to 25 – 30 kms of Coldstream Tables; next to Calatrava la Nueva… Exceptional to find a province and such unfamiliar area as Ciudad Real. In a bakery oven area can prepare lamb or suckling pig on demand and advance booking and take it to the house; ideal for celebrations. playground with swings and entertainment for children. The experience has been very good. One of the best houses in which we have been. Strongly recommended. From experience we provide costs 5 * the housings that we use, but in this case we give. Repetiremos. Because it is a home to enjoy in winter but also in summer with its magnificent outdoor patio and pool. Thanks, Ramón for your welcome and for your kindness and details.

  • Ramón Cotillas

    A spectacular rural house. Fuy an informal wedding held some friends and I was surprised. It has everything and very well equipped and is huge. Highly recommended for large groups. We repeat in summer to take advantage of the pool.

  • casadepacas Post author

    Nuria good morning and thank you for your comments.
    I'm glad to know that your expectations have been fulfilled and that may keep some beautiful memories on a special day.
    Hasta siempre!!
    Paquita and Ramon

  • Red Nuria

    We spent a fantastic weekend at Casa. We booked a wedding and space we could not do better! Area so they could amuse children and older, Breakfast 100% equipped and unbeatable attention from their owners. Strongly recommended, I'm sure we will enjoy it again!

  • Julio Rodriguez

    We have been 20 people with children in 2 homes for a weekend and the perfect facilities, all very clean and there is everything in the house, Ramón care and Paqui from day to what he did we need (it was nothing). Back.

  • casadepacas Post author

    Good morning Loli,
    Thank you very much for everything, you are a fantastic family.
    Equally s greetings to everyone and especially to Jesus.
    Until next time.

  • Loli

    We have spent a great bridge. We were able to enjoy the outdoor facilities,both adults and children,carefully to detail,with everything you can imagine to enjoy the outdoors. The two houses with great detail, common rooms and very spacious rooms. Ramón y Paqui very attentive. Thanks. 'Repetiremos!!

  • C GM

    all amazing, perfect to come with children, multiple activities within the same building. All clean with thousands of details, Useful phones…. Owners very attentive and friendly. I'm sure we will repeat. We have been at home

  • casadepacas Post author

    Thanks Daniel, I have also spent a very enjoyable week with you.
    Gregorio help with the chickens came to me pearls.
    And the kids were also very aware of them, especially when they placed eggs … 🙂
    A greeting to the whole group and the next.

  • Anonymous

    Lomas Daniel Diaz
     ago 11 hours
    Spectacular! Very clean, spacious, with many activities to perform… The whole family have spent an amazing week. And Ramón y Paqui very attentive.

  • Mari Carmen

    We spent a few days in the house and we love it. The facilities are very good, with pool and recreation areas, in full contact with nature. As for the house the rooms are spacious and do not lack detail. Also thank you for your attention, sure we will return.

  • Anonymous

    We have spent a great weekend, several couples with children. We used to go to rural house and I can assure you that is the best I've been. Superbly designed for all, children and adults. Not missing a detail, spacious rooms and comfortable beds, great rooms and sofas.
    It is a green spot in an area that could not be imagined, Congratulations.
    Paqui and Ramon have been very helpful and I thank you.

    Surely we repeat.

  • Miguel

    Hemos been celebrating 60 our mother's birthday in this house. It has been a success both for the house itself and for the attention you have given us their owners. Back!

  • casadepacas Post author

    Many thanks Eva,
    That is the goal, try that all our customers meet their expectations of our farm, be found “like at home”.
    Thanks again, greetings to the whole family and we wish you a happy exit and entry 2017/2018.
    Paquita and Ramon

  • Eva Diaz

    Hi everyone s, We have been spending Christmas these days in Finca Casa Pacas! They have been wonderful days cin my whole family…They have not only met our expectations but have been overcome in all respects (cleaning, comfort, attention from Ramón y Paqui, An environment 100% familiar, equipment, games…)
    incredible experience certainly repeat!!!
    Many graciasssss to 2 for all!!!
    Eva Diaz

  • casadepacas Post author

    Arturo thanks to you and to all members of the group.
    It's a pleasure to meet people as caretaker and respectful of the house and the environment.
    I am delighted that your child is fully recovered.
    Until forever, friend!

  • Arturo de la Cruz

    There were five families have enjoyed this piece of home during the December bank, from the beginning Paqui and Ramon have cared much for giving us facilities in organizing rooms, not missing anything and that we were comfortable. The truth is that all is said, and all have good comments are more than deserved, the house is spectacular.
    We have to return, as a medical problem we had to go ahead of schedule, thanks for caring.
    A greeting

  • Pablo

    We have been very agusto during this weekend bale house. Highlight the dramatic housecleaning is fully equipped and all( household, butane, Cleaning firewood sobra.material…) as few houses.
    The facilities are great to spend uj great week end,, However, as council change the minigolf, do different obstacles and fixed holes on the track itself, q I would not be a very big investment and would remain well.
    Ramon thank paqui and facilities.

  • casadepacas Post author

    Lola thank you very much for your comments.
    For us it is also a pleasure to see this wonderful family enjoy.
    Warm greetings to Mrs. Milagros and chief Baltasar.

  • Lola

    It is the third time I enjoyed the house. This time to celebrate the birthday of our son Diego.
    We have put together four generations, where everyone could share love and laughter, a full house in amenities and cleanliness, spacious for our girls scamper, and walk with grandparents.
    Thanks Paqui and Ramon for your willingness and pleasure. And a detail shoulder of ham and bottles.
    One paste: girls go there crying.
    We have to return!!

  • Antonio Martinez

    They are already many years going to Casa de Pacas but Ramón y Paqui not cease to amaze. Every year we go there is something new. great facility. Has it all. I know many farmhouses and certainly the best.

  • david

    A recommended, the truth that the house with great detail and had a great playground for the kids wonderful better than any hotel 5 star luxury for owners to disconnect and super-attentive and friendly, Repeat safe

  • casadepacas Post author

    Gracias Francisco.
    It has been a real pleasure to meet you, especially your son … who love my gosh, rehearsing all day with his spear, jejejje.
    Will be the best, insurance!
    A greeting family and forever.

  • Francisco Lucas

    DELUXE….We have been four adults and three children at home Sancho from Thursday 24 to the 27 August, The house is luxury, super comfortable in all aspects, the bedrooms and bathrooms also, mola jacuzzi hahaha, super fresquitos with air conditioning and patio with barbecue and seating area with super good. The children have thoroughly enjoyed all the space to play and watching the farm animals, super well all the truth.
    And what about Paqui and Ramon and his sons, super attentive, super friendly to us not lack anything, thank you very much for all family.
    Try back for sure.

  • Maria jose uhagon

    We have been this weekend in or a family reunion, it was great, Eramos 17, super farm, very comfortable, Paqui, very friendly.
    Back .

  • santiago navarro

    EXCEPTIONAL – We loved the house. All perfectly since, clean and with great detail. In addition, Paqui and Ramon owners charming and outstanding at all times of anything we've needed.

    100% recommended for families and groups of friends.

    The only downside is not having more vacation days to have stayed much longer on the farm that is extraordinary!

  • casadepacas Post author

    Thanks for the comments Virginia.
    We know that the farm has a lot of work, but such is the satisfaction of seeing enjoy and care for most of our clients / friends that work spaces becomes joy.
    The ” revujitos ” were luxury, thank you very much for that great family and forever!

  • virginia

    ONE HOUSE 10!
    We have spent a weekend in “House Sancho” and say it's spectacular. All new, well maintained and gladly.
    spacious rooms, the jacuzzi one pass.
    Besides being able to do a lot of activities without leaving the farm, children have enjoyed a lot.
    And Ramon and always charming person watching us that we were at home.
    Return without hesitation

  • Alonso MºCarmen

    Even as a sad day for them, Paqui and Ramon greeted us with his best smile and kindness.
    The House is very cozy, cleanliness is spotless and the rooms are super spacious. We stayed at Casa Sancho to spend New Year's Eve and enjoyed the house and even more foggy days and cold we had.
    We hope to come back another time and enjoy more of the outer.
    Special thanks to Paqui and Ramon.
    Greetings from Valencia


    Good Morning:
    As already discussed in person, it seemed to us a very complete place and highly recommended.
    Meets all requirements to spend a few days with family and is a good starting point for different excursions.
    Our dog Naia in particular has enjoyed a great.
    To take one but, the hot water tank is not enough to fill the jacuzzi. To use the shower six no problem.
    Finally back to pay our respects for the death of your father and tell you back in touch.
    A greeting.

  • casadepacas Post author

    Thanks for the comments Pilar.
    The important thing is not the delay, but the ultimate goal always intended Casa de Pacas is that I received exceeds expectations.
    We are glad that you could enjoy a mini-vacation of those who leave good memories.
    Thanks again and forever.
    Paquita and Ramon


    Although we went in July it is well born to be grateful. The houses are fantastic. You can not ask for more. The attention of owners formidable. We were a group of families and charm to all of us not only the estate but the care. The houses were spotless, They had all the amenities and some over which one might expect. Children had fun with bikes (provided at home), animals, the pool, playing tennis …. Adults with barbecue pool, almagro within walking distance …
    Every day brought the bread to the house, You could walk to the town center, less than 100 meters warehouse beverage, mercadona close …
    You can not ask for more
    Thank you and sorry for the delay in writing

  • casadepacas Post author

    Thanks for your comments Raul.
    Thanks for being so careful and respectful, the house and the property well maintained and clean.
    A salute to that great family and Merry Christmas!

  • Raul

    perfect, that is the word that sums up our stay in the house Quijote. For groups and there is no better place. spectacular space for children. It is our first experience and certainly repeat.

  • Enrique

    We have been this weekend, We are regulars at houses and I have to say that is the best we've been, the facilities are awesome, more than a house is a camp, hehe, The spacious rooms, equimiento very complete and owners very attentive to all. Repetiremos quite sure

  • Patricia Bello

    Weekend comprehensive !!
    We were with the same number of adults and children who q truth not enjoy more, you do not need to leave the house for anything and is also very close to the village.
    To put something negative: if you're a single group one is quite far from each other and the BBQ is inside the pool enclosure, no separation.
    For the rest of 10!

  • Raul

    We have been 7 families, a total 23 people with a long weekend in July.
    The result, It was fantastic. The house is great, not missing a detail, you can not put any negative, everything was perfect, We were great, the excellent facilities, the state of perfect furniture… We all agreed on the same thing and repeat next year on our annual Remain. Just perfect. And the attention of Ramón y Paqui magnificent. We have attended phenomenal, and always willing to help with everything we needed, It is also a help heart. A 10 throughout.
    Ramón y Paqui Thank you for your treatment and patience, we were many.
    A greeting,
    Raul. See you next year.

  • Irene

    Shame there have been more than a weekend. The house is a joy, every corner has some detail. Many entertainment and fun, the barbecue area and pool super comfortable and interesting. Children's home, paddle court, football, table tennis… In the end, a lot of things to do. Bolanos de Calatrava a quiet village and very friendly people. Especially we extol the kindness of Paqui at all times was watching us and our comfort. A 10 for the House, cleaning, for the services offered, your location and 20 for Paqui. Thanks, back.

  • Jose

    Cleaning, facilities, the tranquility, the location and, especially, Paqui kindly and Ramon, They have enabled us to enjoy a few days of wonderful holiday. Strongly recommended. Back.
    Thank you for your professionalism.

  • Lara

    incredible facilities, We spent a wonderful family, not missing a detail house ….. repetiremos seguro , Thanks Ramon y Paqui!!!

  • casadepacas Post author

    Thanks very much for the comments.
    He said, It has been a real pleasure to have met such a family, as caretaker of the house, facilities and so friendly.
    Also it is happy to receive these photographs to publish them.
    A hug to everyone and until next time we meet.
    Paquita and Ramon

  • Victor

    Yes, no problem. I will send some pictures in case you want to publish. I repeat, with amazing people and incredible I went home that you have. There are no words.

  • defeated

    Loose Cannons, through Facebook I have made a comment, but no words, I have been in many houses but yours takes from me the gold cup, for all, spend the weekend 17 to the 19 June 2016, It was incredible in every way, with the company and with the house that you have, wonderful, the exquisite attention, there are no words. I wish you all the best.

  • casadepacas Post author

    Thanks for your comments Isabel.
    It makes us extremely happy to see that your expectations have been fulfilled,

    That is our main objective

    … customer loyalty / friends through the fond memories you can get them on their way through this ” Place of La Mancha ” whose name remains somewhere in the mind.
    A hug for everyone and forever!
    Paquita and Ramon

  • Isabel Díaz

    First give thanks for the kindness and the treatment received from Paqui and Ramon, you are charming.
    The houses are impressive breadth, cleaning, Conditioning and Services. At every step you find quality details.
    Great pool, So comfortable beds and pillows and everything you can enjoy a maravillososos days, the kids enjoyed it as never with so many possibilities for fun.
    Thank you very much for incredible weekend.

  • Vicky

    “spectacular weekend!!”
    It was a spectacular weekend, The houses are equipped to the highest, all super clean, You can not ask for anything more, mini golf, Padel, pool, animals …We could eat fresh eggs. Children have enjoyed a lot without any danger, you can go to town by bicycle. We hope to enjoy it again more. In addition Ramón charm. Thank you for making our weekend getaway 10

  • Jesús Esteban

    We could not have picked a better place to spend a few days with friends.
    all terrific, both houses (very clean, spacious rooms, well equipped, patio and great room,….) like the rest of the farm, with lots of play areas for both the kids and for older.
    With a good supply of food and drink, It is the perfect house to spend a few days with friends or family.
    Definitely, when you try to back best time, to use the pools and enjoy more play areas.
    Thanks to the owner, Ramón, and Paqui, his wife, their treatment and be aware at all times of what do we need.

  • Jose Luis Arriaga

    Wonderful experience. Carnival weekend. We met over 20 people, adults and children. spacious homes. Many activities for all, children: sandbox, petanque, badminton bicycles, Football, basket, wooden house for games, mini farm… and others: paddle, ping pong, football…
    The house very well equipped, no cold in them.
    We look forward to summer and take advantage of the pool area .

    Sunday no one wanted to go home.

    The owners, Paquita and Ramon, attentive and arranged.

  • Diego

    Excellent experience, great deal and hospitality.
    We spent New Year at home and definitely repeat Sancho…all kinds of details and attention from the owners and Ramon Paqui…when we were there and we started thinking about future visits more family occupying the house in summer Quijote to enjoy all lasposibilidades offered by this complex…paddle, badmington, pool, etc.…Strongly recommended. If you are wondering not what you think you more because you are going to not regret.
    Everything is great!!
    Thank you very much!!

  • casadepacas Post author

    Belen, Thank you for your comments.
    Meet special people is always a privilege that sometimes presents, and this time life has offered me that possibility.
    It has been a real pleasure to meet this wonderful family of yours.
    Thank you for helping us stay that way: offer our facilities and our customers / friends can meet their expectations has always been our goal.
    Greetings to all and forever Bethlehem.
    Paquita and Ramon


    I think to describe this house, It would need much more space to reflect the experience during the days I spent there. We have been a family of 17 members occupying two houses on Christmas Eve, over Christmas weekend; a total 3 nights / 4 days. The farm is spectacular; extensive, comfortable, cozy and spectacularly clean and ready. Each room of the house deserves a separate comment but I have not enough space. The rooms are huge and all of them fit perfectly 3 the 4 people. The bathrooms, comfortable, spacious and with amazing and above all very clean showers and all products that may be needed. Kitchen with all kinds of facilities for the use of guests, nothing is missing, clean and convenient.
    Special mention common areas of the property: Football, Basketball, running circuit, minigolf, swings, a special house for the little ones, paddle tennis court, numerous bicycles, all with their corresponding balls, bladed paddle, golf sticks. In the gardens also have a voladero of canaries and parakeets and a chicken coop that allowed us to have breakfast every day freshly laid eggs. There is a lounge with recreational games like foosball and ping-pong , with its corresponding fireplace for cooler days and lots of possibilities. In general, It is so great and so many spaces, which allows each person to choose where they want to be without feeling burdens anywhere. Do not feel like leaving the house.
    And of course, worthy of all my praise, their owners, Paquita and Ramon: lovely, nearby, friendly, available at any time; spend time with them is apparently that lifelong know, they are friends for years, because they make you feel so.
    Finally, and to finish, say that everything I put this text is useless if you do not visit this magnificent house that will not disappoint anyone. It's one of the things to do, at least, Once in life.
    A greeting to Paqui and Ramon and sure we will return soon and to keep in touch.

  • Sandy Guerrero

    The quietest house in which we have been
    We are a young couple and stayed at home Sancho and the truth is that super comfy and very relaxing jacuzzi.
    Certainly it has been a very good experience, the owners very friendly and attentive at all times. Super modern house and does not lack any detail, It is prepared to spend a few quiet days with all the comfort of the world. Outside the house you can enjoy quite as it has paddle, basketball hoop, and activities more…

    Recommended 100%

  • Mara

    We had high expectations about the house, and it has not failed us one, everything has been perfect. The house is very big, spacious rooms, very clean. very comfortable beds. In the bathrooms do not miss a detail, gel, shampoo, toilet paper, large towels and fluffy. In the kitchen also it lacked for nothing, household, Dishwasher tablets and hand soap, oil, will, vinegar, sugar….The living room with three large sofas, and two armchairs, left over to sit all. Tb say, q is all around a huge patio, and q no q climbing a single ladder. And part of leisure….amazing, children did not want to leave the farm. It has plenty of facilities for fun (minigolf, wooden house with slate, paddle tennis, petanque, bikes, football-basketball court, swings, hens,..), Everything in very good condition. When night fell and it was cold, they got into the room attached to the house, where there was a football, one pingpong and a TV with more sofas. The living room window overlooked this room, and we could see the little play, while we were sitting quietly on the couch. I think q is a house designed to enjoy much, Large and older. Of course we repeat q, and we recommend to 100%. Thanks Paqui and Ramon, attentive, friendly and discreet, You can not ask for more.

  • Marten

    We have been this weekend 18 people, the house is spectacular very clean, Big does not lack detail, public areas are amazing for children and for older. Attention has also been owners lacked estupenda.Nos try the pool so I will!! I recommend it 100%.

  • Eva

    Hello, we just came to spend two days at Casa Quixote. We have been a total of 18 people, the house does not lack detail, facilities public areas a past, attention by the amazing owners. In short spectacular!
    Return without hesitation!
    Thank you for your attention Ramón y Paqui.

  • Maribel

    Recommended 100%
    We have been in the Puente del Pilar 8 adults 7 children, in the House Quijote, House very well equipped, you will not miss a detail, both inside and outside the house, both children and adults We've had incredible. Surely we repeat. The next summer to use your pool. Thanks to Ramon all. Maribel

  • Purification

    We have spent five days in the Quijote House, family and our experience has been great. Excellent facilities house, space and entertainment for all, greater, not so adults and children. A highlight housecleaning (Both the house, as other facilities, like the household….). If the house looks nice photos… actually surpasses, actually when you go home you surprised, care to detail.
    Excellent relationships with owners, attentive to all our needs (we really did not have because everything was perfect… ). Thanks Paqui and Ramon. Really we hope to return!!!!…..

  • Nicolas Gaspard

    We rented the Quijote home for a week with a group of 10 people + 4 children. Paqui and Ramon welcome you in the best way it is. Furthermore, the house has an exceptional location in La Mancha. The pool and all the sports activities available. Ramon and Paqui intersect in 4 to help you make your stay unforgettable.

    Thanks to them, I highly recommend this place for a total change of scenery.

  • Miguel Castanys

    Strongly recommended
    We have stayed with friends at Casa Sancho and the experience could not have been better. The house is brand new and very well equipped: air conditioning, barbecue, chill out area (but after an hour sitting starts to hurt all…), a small pool, tracks to play football, Basketball, paddle, volley… Even petanque!

    But without any doubt, the best is the excellent treatment by Paqui and Ramon, earrings always make our stay as pleasant as possible.

    All of the above, we highly recommend it

  • Angel María Alvarez Palo

    It has been a great experience to spend a few days in this house that does not lack detail, Everything is designed to the millimeter, and where there is no room for boredom for both children and adults, spacious and plenty of sports activities, and best of all human quality and warmth of Paqui and Ramon, lovely, and I only need to repeat, is sure to be well and hopefully sooner rather than later. Best regards.

  • José Luis Cowgirl Márquez

    How wonderful again
    I do not know if it's the third or fourth time going, but each time had better. The facilities are improving every year since incorporating more services and amenities and attention of Ramón y Paqui is worthy of praise. Very clean and very well designed for family enjoyment. Olé pool, a barrel of beer and games and entertainment that there is no. Of ten. We are already planning to return next year.

  • Ana Cristina

    ” A House for the enjoyment to the 100% “
    I spent a weekend with another couple of friends and four children at Casa Sancho. I am already client of Bale House for years and was the first time that I was staying at Casa Sancho, and the experience has been excellent. Once again, Paqui and Ramon has been exceeded. Casa Sancho is an intimate House, comfortable, beautiful and with all the details that you can imagine to spend time disconnected from everything. The children have enjoyed as never before, and they are already thinking about when it will come back. The children's pool is a success, and the contact with nature better ask that for them.
    I'll be back a thousand times… Thanks Paqui, Ramón… We will see us insurance…

  • Eva Sanchez

    Recommended 100%
    We want to thank their owners received treatment, We were this House mayo bridge sancho and we are already looking to catch the large house with more friends to this hehehehe I say everything 100% recommended, does not lack detail .

  • Alba Chicharro

    That's great!
    We spent a week weekend in couple and has been great. The House is new , very clean, very welcoming and were very good.
    We will definitely repeat.

  • Sergio

    This is our second time, but not the last.
    The second time that we are going to this Rural House, the owners as always so kind, polite and making it easier for us to stay, the House has no any waste and has improved since the last time and as always of facilities 10, We spent the weekend 4 marriages and their children, again I'm going with the desire to try the swimming pool, next time for sure.

  • Elena Vargas

    As always, That's great !!.
    Super house full for plan of friends with children. While children were playing mini-golf or were in their private house, the parents missed a basketball match. Paddle to follow and BBQ Party to catch forces.
    Thanks as always!!!

  • Sebastian

    “Amazing weekend”
    The stay is has made us very nice. It has all the amenities that you may have a House, all kinds of household items, In addition the cleaning was a point in common in the entire estate, It seemed that we were in our own home. Girls and adults alike had a great sports facilities, Despite the fact that the time was not accompanied. The truth is that not enough time to get bored of the number of activities you can do. With individual bathrooms, one collective, It speeds up the time of toilet. Large area for parking. The deal with the owners family and close. We have to go back, and the return will be in summer, so even if it is difficult to overcome it, We believe that we will pass it even better. Thank you very much for everything.

  • Leticia

    Fantastic !!
    Sancho is perfect for couples, It is fully equipped and in addition the exteriors are excellent for entertainment.

  • Joseph and Paula

    Right choice for weekend in couple. It has a courtyard with key where the dog can leave calmly while making tourism the area. The House is very cozy, large, have good heating, a super bath with jacuzzi, the bedroom is large with a very comfortable bed, the kitchen is well equipped and spotlessly clean. Access by car is easy and is near the town although it sufficiently away from any noise. The owners treated us great and made it easier for us to visit the main Winery of the people, recommended, as well as reservation at local restaurant in which we dined very well. We visit Las Tablas de Daimiel, which is quite close to drive, less than an hour. We did not have time, but the town of Almagro is the close enough to visit it and back in a snap. If you you book with advance, ask for concerts on Saturdays. In summary, high level cottage, We will have to go back in the summer and enjoy other activities.

  • Sea

    We spent a weekend in couple and has been perfect. The House is very cosy and is very well. Perfect for a romantic getaway.
    Sure we will repeat!

  • Santiago

    Phenomenal !!
    It is without doubt the best House which we have enjoyed in family by comfort, amplitude and wonderfully served by Paqui and Ramon. It has of 5 very spacious rooms a unique dining room and fully fitted kitchen, You can also do recreation and sport within the farm. The village is on the side.

  • Grace

    A village of la Mancha very cozy.
    We spent a few days in this wonderful house, where have we enjoyed both the House and its environment, because it is located on a la Mancha corner where there is much to see and so much to do. The House is brand new and not a single detail is missing. The owners are lovely and are fully available. Do not hesitate to repeat!!!

  • Raquel Macias

    We had some great days in Casa Sancho. The ideal House; does not lack detail. We are a couple with two children of 7 and 3 who don't want to inside the House. Just enjoy the common areas; play mini golf; in the little wooden house; Football…. It is that the outside activities allow you to forget the cold. He did over a few fabulous days clear and Sun. In the House nor trace of cold…with the fuel, it was enough to be warm and we have not needed to turn on the heat. The deal with the owners family and close. We are excellent. We will return safe. A hug family

  • casadepacas Post author

    Thanks David for the comments.
    It has been a real pleasure to have known and see that I would have liked goodbye to all, but the work is the work.
    A friendly greeting and up to the next.

  • DAVID P.


  • Manuel

    We are very satisfied with nuesyra stay in this rural House. Fully prepared for large groups. An experience to repeat.

  • Antonio

    Ready to enjoy regardless of the weather.
    The House has more than fulfilled all expectations. She thought that there might be lodgings with so many possibilities of entertainment. We have been 6 adults 5 children and all have enjoyed without exception. The very spacious rooms, excellent cleaning and treatment of close but respecting the privacy of tenants.
    No but.

  • Adela

    We went with 7 adults 6 children,children enchanted by all foreign facilities,petanque,Tennis,minigolf,House d wood for them,Tennis…etc etc and even better adults and to top it off we had a terrific time,,,,I assure q will return

  • Mª Jesús

    We have been a few days in Casa Sancho and the stay has been great. The House is decorated with much taste and detail, nothing is missing you; is all new and very clean. It is located in a quiet but strategically located place to visit many interesting places.
    In addition to this, their owners, Paquita and Ramon, they are lovely.
    We are left with the desire to return. Sure we do.

  • Óscar

    We spent a few days in casa Sancho , the stay to been great, tried very familiar , many activities paddle , Football , pool ,petanque , games for children and so on . Very quiet area . We will definitely repeat.

  • Juan Luis

    Repeat for the second year the same weekend of September.
    The House is excellent, the details of the owners, the amplitude of spaces, activities that you can do (pool, barbecue, paddle, minigolf, etc.), the tranquility of the place….It is a great option to spend a few days with family or friends.
    Thanks Ramon and Paqui by making your home a nice place.
    We hope to return soon.

  • Arturo

    It is the second year that we repeat. The House is ready for large family concentrations. Highlight both the mansion and the new cleaning, as well as the swimming pool area, barbecue and playground. It has been everything impeccable. Paquita and Ramon, charming from the first contact and always offering solutions and facilities. I recommend the service of moon to entertain the little ones, These just delighted.

    A great plan to slim 2 hours of Madrid Yes planned a family reunion or friends with children. With clear intention of repeating again for third consecutive year, the best review that can become a site of this nature.

    Again, Many thanks to Paqui and Ramon for everything. We are talking about the coming year. A greeting.

  • casadepacas Post author

    Thank you Lola, you are a lovely family.
    Primarily those “Golden girls”, joy to practice rural tourism to the 90 years old, impressive !!
    It has been a pleasure and even when you want, This is your home and here you have a few friends.

  • Lola

    House bales has been a lovely place where make happy my family a week.
    We have enjoyed its facilities to stop. The swimming pool, paddle court, the House of children, barbecue, the Ping pong, bicycles, Foosball, baskets, food laying hens, minigolf, the swings…….In the end could not ask more.
    The House is beautiful, clean and complete. He did not miss anything.
    And I take this opportunity to thank Paqui generosity and delivery when we had a health problem with one of the members of the family, and we accompany even the health center. Many thanks.

  • Gustavo

    It is the second time that I repeat and everything has been fantastic. Ramon has desvivido done that fits more people than those allowed in the House and that we do not notice the difference. Everything perfect. A 11 about 10. Repeat and repeat.

  • Pink

    Other phenomenal family holiday. We hope to repeat a fourth year and continue to enjoy the House and all its facilities (pool, barbecue, paddle, table tennis, football, Basketball, house of children…) We will also have to go to Casa de Sancho. We loved it as I was. It's beautiful and it can be used both in winter and summer. Thanks as always to Ramon and Paqui.

  • Elena Alarcon

    Now 8 years that I go there and I have to point out two very important things:
    1. Cleaning and new smell whenever I've gone, a bug, dirt in any corner.
    2. Ramon and Paqui owners are lovely, environmentally friendly, helpful, friendly, loving, and with an exquisite taste in the decoration of the houses both in dealing with people. A 100 for them.

  • David White

    I enjoyed the stay at casa de Pacas. Not only the House is Super, It is also the treatment you receive from the first moment to the last by Ramon and Paqui.
    A greeting

  • 24 June

    Very pleasant stay and with plenty of activities to not get bored, We really liked the lovely owners.

  • 21 June

    Olympic have a weekend and it was fantastic. To the House or nothing is missing, Paqui and Ramon are wonderful and I never tire of alagar cleaning. All in all a wonder.

  • Roberto

    Good, I think that I put anything new. A perfect weekend, the House has it all, There is nothing to enjoy the weekend. Note cleaning, that it is not good but perfect, without exaggerating everything is pristine.
    Paqui and Ramon only say that thank you very much for being as you are, consistently outstanding and always friendly.
    I hope to repeat soon. A big hug and thank you for everything again.

  • Rafael

    We had been other times and the reason is simple have become. We were not going to find a better place.
    The Great House, great facilities. It has everything you could need for a stay as pleasant.
    Ramón, thank you very much as always for your kindness and understanding.
    The only bad: having to go.
    A hug and see you soon

  • Pedro, Manuel and Lola

    Thank you very much, Ramon and Paqui… We've had a great time, since the house has all facilities and games for both adults and children. We must make special mention of your kindness and willingness to puediera any need arise and we especially congratulate you on the excellent cleaning of the entire house and facilities. A hug

  • Anton Andreu Bonet

    The facilities of the house are fantastic, in hemostasis found nothing missing, the decoration is very cozy and in keeping with the environment.
    All very comfortable, faltaron days in order to disfrutarlo but.
    The care was excellent with Paquita, a very kind and lovely person.
    We hope to return.

  • casadepacas Post author

    Thanks Sergio,
    I'm glad disfrutarais butt and I liked the new house project.
    I take note of maintenance futbolin. Thanks again and greetings to the entire group.
    Until next time

  • Sergio

    Good, We were the bridge of mayo2014 and I was the second time that returned. I just have to say that I've been in many bed and breakfast across Spain and this is certainly the best that I have been. We went 17 people between children and adults and children have passed it is great, they have enjoyed everything it offers House, and the more equal, If do not want not house sales. Follow so you are doing great, I hope to come back again and enjoy the home.

  • Cristina - April 2014 Post author

    We had a weekend 3 families with children and had a great. It is a fully equipped and decorated home with “much love”. Its owners, lovely people. Repeat safe

  • Jose and Raquel - April

    Solo say to repeat certain. Magnificent fully equipped and decorated with love home and work, It was a great weekend. You are a “Home” muy majos, a hug

  • March 2014

    spectacular home. Definitely the best house that we have been. Excellent outside area for adults and children. Bed huge and very well adapted to all uses.
    If you were to put some but (if it were mandatory, as many critics do not deserve) serious lack of some dishes, that falls a bit short, and a larger support to make paella in the fireplace, but there is one small (hoop as little butane heated).
    Without hesitation and repeat the advise everyone

  • Angela - March

    The house superlimpia, comfortable and good decoration. The discrete Segreti and owners as they were only when they were needed without burden of being controlled and that is very important. Besides the house with all the amenities and utensils needed for a great stay, has plenty of room for various kinds of sports and entertainment . We want to return as soon as we can. Thanks to Paquita and Ramon.

  • Santiago - December 2013

    All years, our group of friends (Families with Children) spent a few days together at New Year and this year our choice was House Pacas… We could have done better!! A large house with many amenities, all on one floor (q with young children is a big point in its favor), large comfortable lounge to be all… Paqui, the owner, is old, and when we arrived and the house was warm to greet… Beyond that, have a huge entertainment area with swings, playhouse for kids, paddle tennis court, golf, hens… It is a perfect home for families with children (or without also!). Very highly recommended! (And we have a lot of experience in bed…). Thank you very much to Paquita and her husband for the excellent service and hospitality. Back!

  • BichoBola - November 2013

    It's recommended by friends and more than fulfilled our expectations. Of the best houses I've ever met, comprehensive and all details. The layout of the house is perfect, have en-suite bathrooms, an open space and very comfortable rooms with different. Lots of activities for children and adults. VERY VERY recommended

  • Eleven - October 2013

    It was a great weekend at Casa Pacas,at home there's something for young and old fun,my son asks me every day when we turn q

  • Jose Luis - October 2013

    It is the first time we have visited this house, We are a group of friends who go to solemos several rural houses al year, we have never been in such a full house, has everything to spend a few great days, is large, comfortable, todoa with the details you can imagine, ideal for crios, but also for older. True chelates website does not do justice to the house, is much better than what you expect and that is appreciated.

  • Juan luis - September 2013

    The house looks good on the web, but the reality far surpasses. Very nice and well appointed interior and excellent outdoor, Pool, barbecue, paddle, etc.. In the end, a great weekend. Thanks to Ramon and Paquita, Perfect hosts, back

  • Beatriz - August 2013

    It is the first time we have stayed at this cottage, and I can say that all were amazed. Already called attention to the pictures, but when Paquita taught us left us speechless. Designed to the last detail, activities and games everywhere. Wonderful house and wonderful owners

  • Jose Luis - July and August 2013

    It was the second time we went. And we repeated because I liked the first. But this second has exceeded expectations. Ramon and impressive Paquita always thinking we were at ease. The house very well. It has everything. We were seniors, madurito and children and all were satisfied and made short stay. In the PERDAEN him tap beer. Simply spectacular. Highly recommended home.

  • Francisco - July 2013

    We have been very pleasantly surprised the house, Photos do not do justice. Spectacular both the house and the treatment of their owners.

  • Goretti - June 2013

    For the third year we have been enjoying a few days in Casa de Pacas and certainly will not be the last time. Course, the best holiday cottage that I know, both by the quality of the accommodation itself and the magnificent treatment of homeowners

  • MiJavier - May 2013

    Without a doubt the best House of all La Mancha. Lovely owners. The House has much more that offer since it has an infinite number of small details, which is what makes it unbeatable. We had everything, bath gel, all kinds of appliances for cooking, towels ….Anyway better go and see it you will not regret. Casa de pacas “MOLA”

  • Miguel Ángel - May 2013

    We just spend a weekend spectacular 4 families (8 adults + 8 children). House is perfect both at the level of comfort in the accommodation and leisure opportunities. De facto, We change the progress our plans to enjoy it more if possible. Until we dared with a paella on the barbecue. Highly recommended. And of course one 10 for hosts

  • Sonia - May 2013

    We were a group of colleagues for a business trip and we have been delighted. Paquita and Ramon have helped us in everything and have treated us great. The house is spectacular. Thanks!

  • Marten - March 2013

    We have passed the bridge in March the House of Bales 4 families (8 adults 8 children). It is a lovely home and very comfortable. Highly recommended to go with kids. Thanks to Ramón Paquita and for all the facilities. We return safe!

  • Miriam

    We spent Christmas Eve at the Casa de Pacas whole family, 11 adults 4 children, and have enjoyed much. The house is priceless: well maintained, very great, comfortable, decorated, well equipped, …. y limpísima, a prized thing that we like to occasionally make a getaway. Also, the exterior of the House has a multitude of activities. Special mention deserves the attention and treatment of its owners, Ramon and Paqui, to those who are grateful for letting us enjoy your home, I have felt and tried to take care of as our. Back!!!

  • Francisco Javier

    The lovely House very big and very well equipped, without dangers for children, they spent it big with all the sports facilities and leisure and dads better still, Repeat left us fond memories. A greeting.

  • Javier

    It is not the first time we visited Casa de Pacas and as usual everything was fantastic. Hosting, facilities, the kindness… everything perfect, even this year we could enjoy the pool at last! Thank you very much and see you in 2013.