Meals on Wheels

Rural house with meals at home.

At Finca Casa de Pacas you will enjoy, among other things, your rural house with meals at home, as well as Supermarket service.

To do this we provide the services of some companies near the farm or take certain foods exclusively to our clients or prepare it so that they can collect them at some point agreed. as a novelty, We also have the best service professional cook on the farm.

  • Contact: Jose Carlos (654 55 00 00)

Also we suggest some restaurants to eat with full warranty as restaurant ” Los Menchero ” to 400 mts farm – Phone: 678 77 67 16 ( Owner: Joseph ).

Rural house with food delivery service – Suggestions

Piglets roasted in a wood oven – Baker

Local bakery (Juan – 635 117 725), bread takes you to the estate and also it offers roast suckling pig in a wood oven, also it leads to the farm (upon request 1 week before arrival).


roasted chickens and takeaways: Octopus in Galician sauce, cod vizcaina, Knuckle Baked, BBQ ribs … ” We cook for you “. open Friday, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays every day in the morning
Contact: 926 870 724 C / Virgen del Monte 11

Other services.

Cafeteria Xema La Sede

A 300 Finca mts, specialty sandwiches, Combined dishes …
You can call, you place the order and tell the pick up.
Contact Cafeteria with Xema

Butcher shop

You can make your orders for an excellent steak barbecue, griddle, etc. ... telephoning Fermin - 926 87 05 83, You have to go pick it up at the agreed time, They are in the Plaza Mayor

Mercadona Almagro

If you need to make your purchase and you take her to the farm and so will not have to come loaded cars ... Home Services Mercadona, calling number 926 861661