Rural houses with Covid protocol 19

Rural houses with Covid protocol 19

The Secretary of State for Tourism has agreed with the Autonomous Communities to coordinate a single health protocol against COVID 19, This protocol complies in all terms with that published in the B.O.E. Num. 130 Saturday 9 May 2020.and the Rural Houses protocol with the Covid-19 protocol approved by the ICTE.

Casas rurales con protocolo Covid 19

Establishment with Covid protocol 19

Casa de Pacas assumes a firm commitment to risk management, implementing systematic measures aimed at minimizing it, these measures are detailed below:

Covid Information Measures 19.

  • All the information of interest on emergency telephones, Nearby health centers and hospitals have been arranged in transparent methacrylate panels fixed to the wall using QR codes.
  • You can also see the information about visits and routes through these codes or through our web.

The reception and reception.

compliance with interpersonal safety distances and reception of clients with a mask.

  • Installation on wall of dosers with hydroalcoholic gel
  • Disinfectant dispenser for customer use (Clothes and shoes).
  • Online pre-checking will be encouraged, as well as card payment through the paypal gateway.
  • Both the keys of the establishment and those of the rooms will be delivered upon arrival fully disinfected.
  • We have masks to provide the client in case he requests it.


  • All bins have a lid, bag and non-manual actuation.
  • The decoration of the different rooms has been minimized as much as possible.
  • Removed from the kitchen space products that our customers left such as: spices, sales, oils, etc..
  • Extra blankets and pillows, they are available upon request.

Outdoor and common areas.

  • Private swimming pool: Chlorine levels have been raised for maximum disinfection, maintaining Ph levels. The NO USE of white clothes in the pool as these can catch small yellowish / greenish spots due to these levels.
  • All outdoor furniture has been disinfected by fumigation: hammocks, umbrellas, tables and chairs, as well as all leisure spaces.

Covid-19 cleaning and disinfection plan

  • Ozone disinfection has been applied to all homes.
  • All surfaces, pomos, sinks, taps, cranks, doors, keys, remote controls, W.C. download button, climate control, dryer, railings, Terrace furniture has been cleaned with authorized disinfecting products of proven efficacy.

Cleaning requirements in rooms

For the cleaning and disinfection of the rooms in the context of COVID-19, the aeration of the room has been specifically contemplated, the replacement of towels and bed linen.

A system has been defined to avoid cross contamination, putting clean clothes only after cleaning and disinfecting the room. Dirty clothes have been placed in bags for later transfer to an industrial laundry where they are responsible for washing and disinfecting all bedding., bathroom and textiles.

From Casa de Pacas we want your stay to be as pleasant as possible, so we strive in everything that goes into making it so, if at any time you notice any damage, or anomaly, please tell us as soon as possible so that we can correct it.