You can add some extra services to the hiring of your accommodation, the price of some of them will depend on the market price at the time.
These services and products, You can add them when making your reservation online at the following link … here
We detail them for guidance.

Extras services
Service Price
Padel Court Tokens (night use) 8 €
Firewood Wheelbarrow 10 €
Charcoal sack 5 €
Beer tap with keg 30 lts Amber 85 €
Beer tap (no barrel) 15 €
Shoulder ham 35 €
Beer box (12 bot) 8 €
Oil tasting bottle “Campo de Calatrava” 3 €
V bottle. Oil tasting bottle “Campo de Calatrava” 3 €
Can of aubergines D.O. Almagro 4 €