Castles Calatravos

Castillo de Calatrava la Vieja

The Castle Calatrava la Vieja is located beside the Guadiana River, about 5 kilometers north of Carrión de Calatrava (Ciudad Real).

How to get to Castillo

You can reach it by road to the nearby town of Almagro, and from here to Carrion de Calatrava.

Islamic Foundation, la ciudad de Kalaat Raawak ó Qal’at Rabah (Calatrava), which is interpreted according to Castillo scholars Income.
It is first mentioned in the year 785, in time of the Umayyad Emir of Cordoba Abd ar-Rahman I.
It was rebuilt in 853, and renovated in the twelfth century.

It is located at an important crossroads, being the most populated between Cordoba and Toledo until the thirteenth century.
Through it passed the main route between these two major populations, and uniting Mérida and Zaragoza and Levante Atlantic.

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