Monuments in Bolaños de Calatrava

castillo_berenguelaDetail of the monuments in Bolaños de Calatrava, town of about 13.000 people, with manchego flavor located in the heart of Campo de Calatrava.

Is another of the almost obligatory stops to visit this beautiful town, located in a very strategic point to visit the National Park Coldstream Tables, the monumental city of Almagro, Route of Don Quixote and other castles that make up the route Castles Calatrava in Ciudad Real.

Castillo de Doña Berengaria

Fortress quadrangular Roman origins. It has two towers, which, the most important is the Keep (Four plants). The other tower “Prieta” lower height, protected the castle gate, maintaining an internal chamber and terrace, communicated with the passage round.

Church of Christ of the column

Right next to the Castle. It is a chapel of the fifteenth century, extensively renovated in the eighteenth century, protobarrocos adopting the standards of the time. It has a Latin cross irregular, cruise and an elliptical dome rises, encamonada outside, on scallops, paintings decorated with plant motifs and the scallops, with fresh faces Santos Latin Fathers of the Church.

Church of San Felipe

It is a building transition from Gothic to Renaissance. Plant has a single nave with polygonal head. It is covered with stellate domes in each section defining the arches. It has four side chapels, of which include the baptistery, which is at the foot of the ship and that he covered with a vaulted brick clay, corbels carved in stone. It is admiring his sixteenth-century baptismal font.

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