Route of the Volcanoes Campo de Calatrava

Route of the Volcanoes Campo de Calatrava

We present a beautiful route that can be done from the Finca Casa de Pacas where we discover signs of volcanoes of Campo de Calatrava and singular ferruginous water springs.

It can admire one of the most beautiful sights of the peninsula volcanic, Cervera Lagoon.

Wildlife admire its fabulous setting and diversity.

An expert guide will tell you about the genesis of the volcanoes of Calatrava, a process still alive.

He can enjoy breathtaking views from the top of Columba volcano.

It will walk up to the area of ​​La Encantada and enjoy beautiful views of the volcanic maar set of Varondillo and Cerro Gordo .

If you be interested on this route with a tour guide, you can ask budget and would spend it as soon as possible with accommodation included in one of our houses:

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